Our organizational goals are centered around supplying products that continually satisfy the reasonable expectations of our customers in all respects of quality, service, delivery, cost, performance, hygiene, safety and reliability.

Commitment to the Quality Management System

Our commitment to quality is confirmed by the adoption of a quality management system that conforms to the requirements of ISO9001: 2000, customer and legal requirements, with the full involvement of top management.


Framework for Quality Objectives

Overall quality objectives are set at the annual management review and disseminated by department managers down to functional departments, teams and individuals.

Efficiency and Profitability

We understand that by continuous improvement of our processes and products we ensure quality, and that resultant cost-effectiveness and profitability are also measures of how we achieve customer satisfaction.

Training & Empowerment

We also recognize that the competence and skills of our people need continual development through training and empowerment and that this is the responsibility of management at all levels.

Shared Responsibility

Whilst ultimate responsibility for quality within the business rests with the Managing Director, all our people share this responsibility by following agreed procedures and by our encouragement of their involvement.


We recognize that one of the key responsibilities of management is to provide the appropriate resources that enable the achievement of our objectives.

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