Multi-Layer Co-Extruded Films and Bags

Multilayer films are used for varied crucial applications in flexible packaging, which demand vital film properties like dart impact strength, puncture resistance, hot track strength, gloss, oxygen and moisture barrier etc. We have the capabilities of producing up to 3 layer co-extruded films.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • We have the latest Multilayer co-extruded Blown Film extruders for manufacturing the best in line co-extruded films and bags.
  • Custom printing up to 8 colors for co-extruded films and bags are available.
  • Sizes from 10 inch to 50 inch (Lay flat width) and Thickness from 20 micron to 200 micron are available.

Product Range

  • Liquid Packaging & Water, Milk, Oil, Ghee, Liquor
  • Food Packaging & Wheat flour/grains, Rice, Sugar, Salt, Cereals
  • Lamination Film
  • Shrink Film
  • Chemical packaging
  • Heavy Duty bags for bulk packaging

a) Milk, Chhach and Lassi Packing Films

c) LDPE Lamination Films for PET, BOPP and CPP Lamination

e) LDPE Shrink Films for all kinds of Shrink Wraps

b) Water Packing Films

d) Food Grade LDPE Liners for Milk Powder and other Food Item packing

f) Oil and Ghee Packing Films